Omegle Time

I was fucking around on omegle. This is what I did.

Here are the results:

Add these to Merriam Webster right off, alphabetically.  We'll be needing them.
  • Amazriful - ... (apparently it's self explanatory)
  • Askenburkens - The ash that flies into your mouth when you smoke weed.
  • Bananae - French for banana.
  • Crefine - Creating and defining.
  • Dfjdsfkldfkjldfjskl - It's a dumbass who can't make his own word.
  • Fuck - To act upon an organism the action of sexual intercourse.
  • Furkle - The act of choking on another's penis during oral sex.
  • Gluffernagsi - It's a fart that you do under your duvet, and it stays there like all night, until you turn over and it kills you.
  • Goan - Goan fuck yourself.
  • Jart - When you fake a fart and actually fart at the same time.
  • Klevman - A person on omegle who believes that they are creating a clever word, but are outright retarded.
  • Linkativity - Creative linkage.
  • Motting - Eating a girl out.
  • Prathenar - To explain so much as to become ridiculously belittling.
  • Plongle - Plongle is a new hit sensation.  It's ping pong and pong combined.  You move large rectangular things on each over a ping pong table to hit the ball back and forth.
  • Pussy - Something you don't get.
  • Smee - Smee again.  Goan fuck yourself.


Got Game


Got myself a new laptop.  And I think it's time that I actually made a comeback from my downfall.  And it's going to be in FUCKING STYLE.  The Pomeranian is making his debut as a meme, and there will be a rise of the onions.  Just wait.  Just you fucking wait.