How To Make Yourself Pass Out

It's still trip week, and I had a revelation.  Everything I've been posting is about tripping out on legal drugs, but I neglected to realize that you don't always need drugs to have a crazy trip.  Sometimes, all you need is some tom foolery and some bravery.

Make Yourself Pass Out

Step One
STEP ONE:  Find a comfortable spot to fall onto when you lose consciousness.

Step Two
STEP TWO:  Make sure you have a friend handy to make sure that you don't fall forward and hurt yourself.  I once did this on my own and instead of falling forward onto my couch, I feel back and hit my head on a metal lamp post.  I woke up seizuring.

STEP THREE:  Bend down and put your head between your legs and take deep, quick breaths (hyperventilate) for about thirty seconds.  This causes an overflow of oxygen to your brain.

STEP FOUR:  Stand up quickly, put your thumb in your mouth, and blow on it as hard as you can without letting any air out.  Do not stop until you lose consciousness, which will happen if you don't get scared and give up.
Step Four
STEP FIVE:  Pass out.
Step Five

!WARNING! - This will cause brain damage.  You are cutting off oxygen's flow to your brain for a short period.  It won't kill you, but it will probably fry you a bit.

Personal Experience
  • I did this once at my friend's house, and I didn't fully pass out.  I fell on my knees, and I felt like lightning was running through my body and into my teeth.  I got a mental picture of myself made of thunder, and strange blue bolts going through my body.
  • I did this in my room, and when I came to, I thought my whole life until that point had been a cruel dream, and that I had been given a new chance to start over.

It's weird.  You're just standing there, breathing on your thumb, and then you wake up somewhere completely different.

Here's a video of a kid doing it:


  1. Great info!

    Maybe I can talk the guys at work into trying this. Go Go peer pressure!

  2. I can just imagine things going horribly wrong ._.

  3. i feel like only bad things can come from this