How to trip on: Diphenhydramine

Time for a trip week update.  Once again, let's get some fucking MEDUCATION!

Most people are aware that Benadryl is an over the counter drug used to treat allergy symptoms.  It is classified as a first-generation antihistamine, which means it works in different areas of the brain other than those that generate histamines (which are weird shit-fuckers that give you allergy symptoms).  First-generation antihistamines are also known for causing sleepiness, which is why some people take Benadryl to sleep at night.
What people might not know is that the active ingredient in Benadryl is called diphenhydramine, which acts a delirient when taken in high doses.  I told you that nutmeg is a delirient, but its effects are definitely less-powerful than diphenhydramine's.

How to have a Benadryl trip

STEP ONE:  Acquire at least 400mgs of pills that contain diphenhydramine (Benadryl pills generally come in 25mg increments, so you'll want at least 16).  You should avoid any pill that contains another drug than diphenhydramine, because overdosing on other drugs can cause much more dangerous symptoms than delirium.
STEP TWO:  Remove pills from packaging and swallow them all.  It's dangerous to take dosages greater than 600mgs, especially if you don't have a tolerance to such things.  If you are in any way weak-stomached, do not do this.  So, at most, (at least for your first time) take 24 pills.  Otherwise, you might end up dead or in an ambulance choking on charcoal.

STEP THREE:  Wait an hour to two hours for the effects to come on.

DESCRIPTION:  At first, you will feel like you have less gravity.  When you stand up, you will feel like you're floating off your chair.  Then, things start to change.  Your lampshades will spin around, your lightswitches will flip up and down, and objects in pictures might move around, the people might wink or wave to you.  Then, things get a little more serious.  You'll be intensely drowsy, and want to sleep, but if you do, you'll basically be getting brain and liver damage for no reason.  You'll start seeing things that aren't there, but the first hallucinations will be silhouettes that look like objects walking or moving around but transparent ones.  It looks like the predator does when it turns invisible in the Schwarzenegger movie.  After a while, you will see things completely in color, and these things might interact with you, such as a fake person talking to you that isn't there.  You'll feel sensations that aren't happening, like someone grabbing your shoulder or little bugs crawling on you.  You will hear voices or music that isn't real.  The strangest part of the experience is that you will, during your trip, completely believe that everything happening is completely real.  That's why it's almost imperative to have a trip sitter.

I honestly don't recommend anyone to do this.  But it's trip week, and I'm trying to be a guru.

My Experience

It was the second time I ever tried the stuff.  I took 600mgs, and I sat down in my room to wait for the effects to come on.  I remember, as a half hour passed, standing up and feeling so bubbly that I wanted to get back into my chair.  So I did.  At this point I was so drowsy that I wanted to just shut my eyes and disappear, but I knew that that was out of the question.  I forced my eyes open, and turned them to the pure-white wall across the room.  I stared a few seconds, and this weird alien made of polkadots appeared across from a pong paddle, and they were both moving up and down the wall playing pong.  I looked to my left to see a gorilla made of rainbow rods climb up the wall, being pursued by small, purple soldiers that seemed eager to capture the thing.  That all disappeared quite quickly.  I remember sitting there, and hearing, "the universe is a part of you, and I think, if you try hard enough, you can become a part of it."  I said "what?" but the voice never responded.  I stood up and went over to sit on my bed.  When I closed my eyes, I was on a TV sitcom, and I was holding a briefcase, walking into a homey environment.  I opened my eyes, and it all vanished, and I remember saying, "keep going into TV shows.  Must stay here."  I walked over to my mirror after that, and my reflection started morphing into a goblin-like creature.  I just stared at it for a moment, and then it reached through, grabbed me, and pulled me into the other side.  I was definitely blacked out after that, because the next thing I remember is waking up outside by my trash can, vomiting profusely.

The moral?  Don't do Benadryl.  Yeah...  The contradiction is savory.


  1. Damn, Benadryl sounds like a crazy trip!

  2. This sounds dangerous...

    Does sound like a good time!

    I might just stick to the booze though.