Commentary on Trees

On this grim day of March 23rd, 2011, I have successfully come to numerous mindbending conclusions about society.  There are strange things happening all around us, and I was one to bear witness to them; what I encountered shocked me to my very core.

At first I was all...
But then...

But I still came.  The encounter with the TourettesTree was terrible.  Never before in my life had I realized that trees could have genders and personalities.  So I got in tune with nature, and learned some valuable lessons about being friends with the forest.

I Named Him Optimus Prime

Me and Optimus chilled for a while, but I got bored being a good samaritan and went home to find that my tree planting efforts had come to fruition.  That's right...  My cigarette tree had finally produced its fruit.

The Cigarette Tree

Cigarette Tree,
oh, cigarette tree,
thank god for thee.
You answered my plea,
and have given me,
a lot of damn smokes.

Until next time.  Jake signing off.


  1. Danny's spirit tree? Good find, sir.

  2. Wtf o.o
    Sound like someone was smoking something other than just cigs. ._.

  3. Nope :D I'm just permafried!!! HAHAHA!!!!

    And connor... I love you

  4. I love this. So funny. 5* post!

  5. wish we had here this tobbaco trees, so my trip to da shop would be canceled