Weird Shit

I had the strangest dream last night.  I was in this car with a bunch of people who were going to buy weed, and we were in the most ghetto place I've ever seen.  It was weird, because the town was perfectly clean and normal until we turned a corner into this filthy beast of a street.  We pulled up to this garage that was surrounded by crack addicts and horny black women, and my two confidants got out of the car, went inside, and returned with an ounce.  After that, we drove around more, smoking the dope.  We eventually returned to the garage, and they did another deal.  I was like... "I'm having deja vu, guys."

After that it all goes black, and I remember sitting in this huge house next to my girlfriend who was taking hits out of this giant smoking device.  It looked like a water pitcher that was turned on its side, and you had to open your mouth hugely wide to make it airtight.  I decided to hit it (it was filled with resin) and when I started pulling on it, a smoke cyclone appeared inside and went straight for my brain.  I wandered around the rest of the dream, trying to understand why I wasn't high.  I never seem to get high in my dreams when I smoke weed; shouldn't my mind be emulating the trip?

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