Week 2 (Day 8 of anti-leaf) and my dreams

It's weird.  I've completely jumped off of the idea of smoking daily, but the pipes haunt my dreams.  I feel no desire to toke in my waking state, but it seems that's all I've been doing in my dreams.  For the last three nights, I have been smoking so much, and it's been strictly with my family members, none of which actually participate in such activities.

These are all dreams:

     Last night's dream was quite interesting.  I was sitting in my living room, smoking weed with my brother.  I immediately started having a panic attack, and my heart was racing out of control.  I looked down at my arm, and out of a computerized slot came a receipt that read "you're going to die soon."  That woke me right up.
     Before that, I was in my cousin's house, smoking in the attic.  My grandfather Shelly came into the room, and I hid my stash and pipe, and was horribly worried that he would find out.  Strangely enough, he was my grandpa from my father's side of the family, not my mother's; this was odd because he's never even been to Montana.  Stranger still, I haven't seen him in years.  In fact, he's fucking dead.  It was weird to talk to him.  After that, I just remember sitting in a large smoking circle in their garage, smoking with two female cousins (implied, of course, because they don't actually exist), some real cousins, and my brother.  I heard my mom calling from the other room, so I sent my bro out to get him, adding an "always send the underlings to do your dirty work," which caused uproarious laughter from all involved.  Little bastard.
     I have fond memories from a dream I had a few weeks ago.  I found myself in Safeway with my girl, and we were smoking cigarettes (apparently it was a smoking Safeway).  The next thing I knew, my old Honors English teacher (we'll call him Mr. P) came into the room with three girls.  They sat down at a round table and started passing a pipe around.  I didn't question this activity, and assumed it was commonplace.  It was weird to watch them all smoke, and weirder that I didn't take the opportunity to smoke with P-dog.  It was a once in a lifetime chance but I passed it up.  What a moron I was.  Bloody hell.
     Non-pot related dream:  I was in the drive through to Taco Bell, and I was deciding what to order from those public displays they always have.  I had an idea of what I wanted, but for some reason my order wasn't on the menu.  The voice came on the loud speaker and told me to go inside.  So my parents and I went into the lobby.  For some reason there was an inner room where you ordered the food, and you had to go through a door into the isolated area.  I walked up to the counter, and started deciding again.  I just couldn't make up my mind!  It was driving me crazy.  I looked up, and to my surprise, the attendant taking my order was fucking Robert Downey Jr.  What are the odds?  He just looked at me and said, "take your time.  The longer you stall, the longer I have to not do my job."  I finally came up with something to order (completely ad-libbed because I couldn't even read the damn menu), and Robert shouted at the employees to get to work.  The idiot in the kitchen came out and started yelling about dirty dishes, and the whole staff began to argue.  I got fed up and went behind the desk, grabbed a sponge, and started doing their work.  Some people, man.  So lazy.
     Last one, I promise:  I had a lucid dream a few days ago.  I was arguing with my gf, and she wouldn't tell me where she was.  I was looking all over town for her and finally found myself in a room with her in an unknown house.  I started leaving the house so I could go outside and realize where I was, and then it occurred to me: "why am I looking for where I am if I'm already here?"  Snap-bang-boom-bong!  I was lucid.  I went back into the house and started looking around, and I heard a voice call from another room.  It was my friend Laurie, and she was under a blanket.  I said, "come out of there," but she wouldn't.  I tried to pull the sheets away, but I couldn't get it off of her face!  It was stuck like some crazy glue shit, and no matter how hard I tried, it wouldn't come off.  So I stopped, and then it immediately fell away, revealing her face.  I was horrified.  She had no teeth, and her gums ran down far in her mouth, taking the form of globby red teeth.  That's something you see in a nightmare, but it assuredly wasn't.  That bullshit roused me from my slumber.

What does it all mean?  I'm probably just a nut-job.  But that beats drinking excessively and beating $5 hookers any day of the weak (weak as in weakness as in I'm not a dumbass).


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