A Real Robo Trip

Someone voted in that poll thing to see a real life story.  Here's one that I hold dear to my heart.

As I flipped through the pages of my dream journal, I could not help but laugh when I saw this trip log.  I remember the experience vividly, because it was quite influential.  I've long since given up drinking copious amounts of cough syrup to get high, but I look back on those memories fondly.  You get decent rewards in return for your trashed brain cells; of that, I am certain.  Here it is in unaltered format:

April 29th-30th, 2010

11:00 PM - 10 Hits Cannabis - Dosed
2:23 AM - Moderately high from weed.
                  Dosed - 4 oz. Adult Robitussin
                  I think this trip is going to be nuts
2:44 AM - Dosed - 2oz. Robitussin
                 I'm afraid 6 oz. is too far, but I'll see
3:17 AM - I can see trails from my hands for two seconds after they were there
3:27 AM - Everything is shimmering
3:43 AM - Things are shaking and I can see the veil.
4:13 AM - My voice seems displaced from my body.  And before I see anything there is a definite afterward.
4:18 AM - Being better than someone at math means they're worse than you.
4:20 AM - Hay bay
4:39 AM - I Just tried to play mario kart, and I got the wrong kart and went in the wrong direction
4:55 AM - Real life isn't a game
5:02 AM - What little screw in my brain cracked that made me the way I am?
5:04 AM - I was just engulfed by my blanket
5:09 AM - I have never felt better in my entire life
5:21 AM - Salad fingers scared the shit out of me.  Life is awesome.  I feel like a bucket.

I think there's some real insight in this.  Some really good shit.  This is what happens when you give a pseudo-novelist/computer programmer heavy drugs.  I wrote "dosed" when I was talking about taking drugs, because I was absolutely obsessed with writing trip reports at the time.  I got my inspiration from erowid, and I partially blame that site for my descent into drug-induced madness.  I was experimenting (read: slaughtering my brain) with dextromethorphan (Robitussin) and diphenhydramine (Benadryl) at the time.  If you don't know, dex gives you a powerful dissociate trip comparable to PCP, and Benadryl just makes you hallucinate like a psycho, seeing, hearing, and feeling things that aren't there; it's been referred to as "schizophrenia in a pill."  Sounds absolutely enticing, wouldn't you say!?

I'm glad to say that I don't damage my mind and body with such things anymore.  I can't take those trips back, and I'm not sure that I would if given the opportunity (a blasphemous lie!).  I experienced things not of this dimension, and those experiences were life-changing.


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