Drugs and other drugs

There once was a man from Peru

who dreamed he was eating his shoe

he awoke with a fright

and turned on the light

to find that his dream had come true:

     This post is huge because I feel bad about waiting so long to put something on here.  Life intervened, and I ended up not posting yesterday or the day before.  I promised myself I'd make a post daily, but I spent the entire day of 3/13/11 out of town and out of internet access.  It saddens me, because I still didn't spend any time yesterday on anything except some discarded ideas and sandpaper walls made of helium.  I'll probably end up revising some of the stories and sharing them, but I feel generally bad about the whole thing.  I mean, what do I have beside this fucking blog?  Millions of dollars?  Yeah.  The ability to read others' minds?  So what?  Genuine interest in the arts?  No.
     None of that matters.  I'm on here to say that I did in fact indulge myself with the herbal remedies again, and it's sad.  Really, really sad.  I had a few laughs, some heart palpitations, and I'm back at ground zero.  But, God in Purgatory, I will say one thing: I would never have thought of a picture of a dog riding a horse had I not made the choices I made today.  Of that I am wholly convinced.

On an American note:  For anyone that doesn't know about this shit, check it out.  It's a trip and three fucks.

Oh, and after you stare directly at that image for thirty seconds or more, you'll probably need to look at something.  If you're not satisfied by how insanely trippy your walls become after watching, check this shit out at the same time:

It's from a movie I watched called Blueberry.  The film has some amazing imagery.

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