Lie, Lie, Lie

I don't know why the video says that the song is from Serj's new album, because it came out a very long time ago.  I remember watching this video at least three years ago.  But whatever.  It's some crazy animation.  I've always admired this art style, because it takes so much concentration and effort to make it flow smoothly.  But I'm not here to comment on that.  I think this song is about a jilted lover's revenge, and the terrible consequences of mad love.  That, or Serj Tankian is just out of his mind.  Either way, it's awesome as popsickles.

I was falling asleep last night, and for some reason, System of a Down's song "Toxicity" popped into my head.  I remembered the lyrics "eating seeds as a pastime activity/the toxicity/of our city/of our city" and a strange realization came to mind.  He's talking about fucking morning glories!  Tripping out!  Morning Glories.  Go to that site if you're interested, and scroll down to "experiences" to see just how acid-trip those things get you.

I have had multiple experiences with the seeds, myself.  Once I ate about 400, and I remember walking around town with my friend who had done the same.  We hadn't treated them to get rid of the toxins, so we were both suffering from nausea.  But that didn't make the experience any worse, really.  The ground was warping around, and the sky had these incredible amoebas floating around in it.  I thought they were just "floaters" that you normally see, but I now realize that those things don't normally talk to you.  It was that night that I watched Yellow Submarine for the first time, and I thought the people weren't making any sense at all.  It was all gibberish, but I'm so glad I watched it on those seeds; one of my best trip experiences ever.

I'm Jake Schwartz, and I approve Yellow Submarine.  As John Lennon might say:  "It's all in the mind."

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