Dream Concepts

Dream Repetition:
I've had this occurrence more than once, and it's quite perplexing.  I'll think I'm waking up in my bed, go do something, and then wake back up in my bed.  Because I realize that I was dreaming before I got back to my bed, I go repeat the same action, and I, to my surprise, wake up again in my bed.  It's like a time loop or something.  It's not infinite, and usually only lasts for three to four times before I actually wake up.  But it's strange nevertheless.  Example:  I woke up in my bed, and went to grab my cell phone like I usually do when I wake up.  I picked it up, looked at it, and noticed that the cell phone was still on the nightstand, but also in my hand.  Shocked, I woke up again.  This repeated about six times, and then I finally got to look at the real cell phone.

False Reality Check:
I'll be dreaming, and something completely strange will happen that makes me question my reality.  At first, I'll consider what's happening, and think, "is this a dream?"  Even though this situation is the key to going into a lucid dream, I usually come to the conclusion that I'm not dreaming, and reckon it to be my real life.  It's usually a very depressing dream when I'm not able to break free of the hallucinogenic spell of dreaming, so I can convince myself it's real because I just want it to be a dream to escape the terrible realities of it all.  Example:  I was walking through a street, and I got a call from my mother, telling me that my girlfriend had died.  She called my girlfriend Cindy.  I was horribly broken up about it.  I then realized that I don't have a girlfriend named Cindy, and was confused, but, through my sadness, I was able to tell myself to 'hold it together' and keep moving on.

Dreamer's Paradox:
Sometimes, I'll be dreaming, and I'll tell someone in my dream a story of the dream I've been having.  Not just recounting the past experiences of the dream, but actually telling the person what I'm telling them is a dream I've had.  It's like I think I'm awake now, and everything that had happened before was complete falsity, all coming together to build up my story.  Example:  I was talking to my friend Michael about a dream I'd had about owning a fast food restaurant.  He was totally agreeing with me that it was a strange dream, and that he hadn't slept at all the night before.  Just normal smalltalk.  Weird.

These terms are just theories of mine, but I've seen these trends multiple times and I'm going to go through my dream log later and post some more examples or more ideas.

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