How to make a melatonin cigarette

As we all know, melatonin is a hormone naturally produced in the body that tells it when to sleep.  Taking it in pill form is an easy way to get to sleep at night and send your circadian rhythms off-beat to ensure you'll never sleep without the pill again.  I experienced that firsthand last night when I tried to sleep without it.  That was some shit.  I finally had to take some.  Anyway:
I got this concept off of http://www.erowid.org, and refined it thoroughly into my own method.  I've only done this twice, and do not intend to do it again because the smoke tastes incredibly nasty.  But if you're interested in having a strange trip, you have to try this.  I even have pictures.

1.  Grind 3-10mgs of melatonin into a fine powder.  The higher the dose, the faster you'll pass the fuck out.

2.  Roll the tobacco out of a cigarette.  I don't want to waste a cigarette so I didn't take a picture of this one.

3.  Put the tobacco back in, a few pinches at a time, making sure to sprinkle some melatonin in each little scoop.  I used a playing card bent in half to make the powder fall into the cigarette in a more concentrated manner.  (Gabbie's genius idea.)

4.  Once you've reached a satisfactory blend, tie the thing off at the end so it looks like a fucking joint, and smoke up.

In my personal experience, smoking one of these will send you into an involuntary slumber.  I probably have melatonin crystals lacing the lining of my lungs, but whatever.  It was crazy falling into that forced coma anyway.  Gotta love idiocy.

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