Tribute to Charlie Sheen

God damn this dude is slick.  He's everywhere you look, and has become an American hero over the course of a few weeks.  And I have to say, I support him.  Sure, he may be glorifying the use of cocaine and making thoroughly racist comments left and right, but that won't stop him from going all the way.  He's bi-winning, bitch.  This is an old picture, and he's supposed to look cool, full of angst and ready to break the rules.  And he was very cool.  I looked up to him, man.

Two and a half men later, and he's decrepit.  He looks aged, sad, and generally fucked up.  I've watched people walk through crack addictions, and it's not pretty.  Who knows, though?  He might be experimenting with all kinds of crazy drugs.  But this whole ordeal is giving him all kinds of cred.  His insane quotations are plastered everywhere, he's a meme on 4chan, and all these tech geeks that he doesn't even know are toting his face around on their facebook pages and blogs like he's their dead grandmother.  He might have been famous before these fiascoes, but now he's infamous at the same time.  Should we leave him alone and let him crumble, or will the online and televised support bring him to new heights of personal realization?  Only time will tell.  All I can say is that I'd rather not see him die any time soon.  So, from me to you, Charlie Sheen, quit the dangerous shit and stick to some green and a few cigarettes.

I initially came on here to post about this sweet video I found on Newgrounds, but upon going to the site my eye was immediately lassoed by this: The Charlie Sheen Game.  Cops try to murder you as you race through the streets, picking up hookers and murdering innocent bicyclists.  It's awesome and definitely worth five to twenty minutes of solid action.

The video I first had in my mind is this awesome Harry Potter parody.  It has two sequels, and it's about the endless struggle between the wizards of Hogwarts and the saiyans of Dragon Ball Z.  Sounds nerdy, and it has a ton of references to things you won't understand without some history with these video games/cartoons/novels, but seriously, THE SUN WAS DESTROYED BY THE GRAVITY OF THEIR WEIGHT!

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