I Never Thought I'd Break All The Dish With My Hand

Trippy Shit
The votes are in, and it looks like I'm going to have to do a tree segment, but I just wouldn't feel right not posting something at 4 in the morning.  I have to wait until tomorrow to get the tree pictures anyway.  REGARDLESS! - I absolutely love shit like this.  It's just... scary, but in a mind-bending way; I went on newgrounds looking for something exactly like this, and the keyword "lsd" brought it right up.  Thank god for psychotic people who are willing to experiment with DMT and have a knowledge of flash video animation.  Watch the video.

I just had to add one more...
Most people don't know anything about Dog Fashion Disco, but basically they're a highly original band that tend to mix metal, country, jazz, and techno (among some unmentioned other genres) to create something completely their own.
I've only tried to drop acid once, and it was some bunk, unfortunately.  But I hope that if I ever do experiment with lysergic chemicals, my trip won't be anything like this.


  1. try mescalin. fun stuff. followed

  2. I've always wanted to :( Ever since I saw fear and loathing. People kept telling me they were going to hook me up but it never happened.

  3. Hey Jake,

    Nice blog you've got here! Very personal, that's what i like about blogs :) Most people just write about stupid common stuff to make them self look more important. Really nice that you bring your personality in your blog, keep it up!

  4. Thanks :) I really appreciate the support

  5. I enjoyed both these videos. I'm really digging your blog, I've done a lot of the shit you blog about - it's cool to head about tripping from the perspective of another half-intelligent individual. I feel like everybody else who trips is a brain-dead stoner around here.