I found this trip journal...

I wrote this when I was tripping on benadryl.  I remember writing the first three lines, and then the rest only brings back flashbacks.  I thought I only wrote those first three, but when I found the journal I'd been keeping, it was apparent that I'd somehow kept dedication to writing about my hallucinations even thought I was completely blacked out.  I didn't even think this thing existed; I found it a few months after the actual trip.  Apparently I started off the new year of 2010 with a bang.

January 1st
So I began.
The splotches are now visible;
the light dims and waves.
Blue gelatin crawls on the paper.
The silence before the storm.
A hand, floating in the mirror.
I saw myself.
Aiee, no!
It's all peripheral.
Ppromotion all called or.
Phantoms a good move don't watch how a fair hear.
I'm going the to the spirinos;
it's weird to are hebamam.
Want to came out to the halfwager.
She found herself great gratted in trimater aris.
I'm reall drowsy pardonee if I get up nearn.
Are you affraid whit gastraut at whas som me possil Awesome!
Greatm fossil that grant me wish gaggte.
Then, a gree monke I had an appt with (told me just assumed water.
Four house a committed ego suicide.
Foo bad th man because he shot his odd for being an old.
I just realized I venture yet.
I went down and er's some strong shit.

Some of it was illegible, so I did my best to translate it to english lol. 

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