I've been working a new full time job, so I'm fucking tired.  That's why there haven't been any comics or anything.  I'm sure I'll do some weird shit soon.  Gotta revive that god damn pomeranian.  But I'm on here to share some insight:

When I was young, I used to watch action movies and feel empowered, like I was immortal.  An inner strength planted in my youthful mind by the media.  But now that I'm a little older, I realize that there's a better word to describe that feeling.  I was "impressionable."  If you're living in the United States, or any other country driven by the media (and I'm not talking about newspaper - I'm talking about tv, internet, video games, movies, books) - you are being mind controlled.  All your ideas of who you are, what you're supposed to be, and the definitions of what something is are all implanted in you by those forms of media.  When you think of a doctor, you probably think of someone in a white suit, toting a stethoscope, walking around with a clipboard and talking to patients.  A business man wears a pressed suit, a hat, and carries a briefcase.  And a policeman is always driving around, making sure to ruin your life with every chance he's given.  What about a super hero?  Those guys don't exist, but you still imagine them, and want to be them.  The envy is instilled in you because you can see those guys right in front of you, but you will never be them, no matter how hard you wish or hope.  I mean, just think about it:  What label describes you?  If you're a doctor, a business man, a cop, you're not always walking around with a uniform on.  You're just another human being.  Who are you, really?

And you won't stop being impressionable.  You're born with it.


  1. A doctor I think of a old guy in a sweater vest or robes with long hair and bear like features.
    A business man I think of someone trying to hard to look fashionable and always on his blackberry typing for no reason, maybe checking stocks and driving sports cars, drinking his starbucks coffee.
    a police officer I think of someone protecting and serving people, someone good to have around.
    But thats just me

  2. I get what you're saying man, good insights. Nice post.

  3. I never really think of an image, rather a personality. Same difference? Maybe, but I think of less tangible aspects of a person, and think of how their mind must work. Hmm..

  4. great post!

    you are way more interesting than i am :)

    Ha come check out my blog


  5. That's so deep. I've never actually thought of someone in that sense, like who they are if you take away their uniform or career.